This is no rehearsal (Porcupine Tree cover)

‼️ I had the honor to play the bass on this Porcupine Tree cover by my friend Name in Stirs. 🎧 This is no rehearsal. ➡️ listen, like and share!

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The Blue Special Edition

The latest EP fris now available for pre-order. The digipack version contains a bonus track as well as two remixes by BartosAntos and by Maquerelle, all of which are only available on CD. The EP will be released on June……

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Artwork of « The Blue » EP special edition

🔊 XCIII is proud to present the cover artwork for The Blue EP special edition, which will be released the 20th of June for the #recordday ! With one bonus song and 2 remixes.🔜 Pre-order will open by the end of the month. Stay……

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XCIII – Sway (Live from Home)

🎥 You can find on Facebook a sample from the Live Show which took place on wednesday. It is the second and last part of Sway. The sound was remixed by XCIII @ Forlorn Hope studios in (+/-) studio quality.⏯ The song……

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