We worked the last few days with a friend who is also a sound engineer. He listened to the songs, thought they were nice but that they are improvable. there was a broad agreement that the drums have to be more simple and more authentic (means: reals drums and not a drum machine). I have a meeting today with Cyril, the drummer of Lugh, and we will see what we can do about that (we’ll see if we can record real drums). About the sound in general, it seems to be good, but I have to make some adjustments, (more compressed bass, less strident and medium). So we hope the work will be done by the end of March.

In the meantime we will record a cover song so you have something while you’re waiting.  And I also spoke with Josh from Artzone Chronicles who could perhaps make a fine video to promote the whole … More news to come soon. I hope I can propose something for the labels in March/April at the latest

By the way, I also bought a new guitar, a Custom 77 London’s Burning – CS3 P77, you can read the  specifications on the Custom 77 Website. Overall it’s a fine guitar, with great sustain and treble. I will perhaps re-record some guitar parts with this guitar.